We hand pick the best "dog hairdryers" and "dog blasters" based on durability, price, and efficiency.

   "Dog Blasters" and "Dog HairDryers"

Cheapest prices in the UK

TD 901t Dog blaster

RRP £189
AGS Price £159

Suppliedwith flat & round nozzles.

Two-stage filtration solid state variable speed controls  - can be used with or without heat and low to superpower.

Durable solid structure with heavy duty motor it also features unbreakable "Incoloy" tubular heating element.

Hercules T900x

RRP £310
AGS Price £279

Extremely powerful blaster featuring two 1200 watt motors, producing a quiet yet forceful jet of warm air.


The Aeolus Hercules Blaster features a brush motor and includes a three metre puncture resistant hose, a directional nozzle and a flare nozzle for drying large areas quickly. This lightweight blaster weighs just 6 Kg, and is wall mountable.


Features a durable steel outer and a non-slip base. Features:

•    A powerful, quiet duel-motor blaster.
•    Offers a warm airflow.
•    Encased in a durable and robust steel housing.
•    Weight: 6kg.
•    Power: 2400 watts max.

Monster Blaster

RRP £255
AGS Price £225

Amazing wind speed of 72m/s Larger 52mm diameter hose.

Improved motor and carbon brush increases the lifespan by 30%.

Powerful motor delivers a high volume of regulated warm air to blast water from coats without damaging coats due to overheating
variable speed control device for various drying needs.

Air temperature is steady from 35℃-65℃(95°F-149°F.

Constructed of rugged, durable steel and built to blast.

Gemini TD900 cg

RRP £399
AGS Price £369

Unbeatable wind speed, blow force and velocity

Blow force of 955g
Wind speed of 95m/s

Lower running noise than most other double motor dryers (max 78dbA).

Variable speed control
Natural heat generated by two powerful motors.

Supplied with a 3.0m (10ft) long heavy duty flexible hose (when stretched).

Also supplied with 3 different types of nozzles

TD-905 Wall-hanging Dog HairDryer



Variable wind and temperature control.
The maximal wind speed of exit is as high as 38m/s.

- Temperature range is from 25℃ (77F) to 75℃ (167F).

Maintenance free brushless motor, does not require oiling or greasing on the internal parts.

Energy efficient, economic to run.

Extremely quiet, lower than 40 db.

Fashionable shape designed by Italian master designer.

ABS body compartment, resistant to harsh chemicals and scratches.

Double layer heating housing prevents over-heating.

The outlet tube is made from heat resistant PPS material, resisting over 260℃ (500F) temperature.

Durable hanging arm can be lifted and lowered thousands of times.

Advanced tourmaline brushes generate negative ions that aid in containing internal cuticle moisture and help tame unruly hair and help straighten curly coats.

Negative ions also help in purifying the air and creating a healthier environment.

AGS Super twin

RRP £259
AGS Price £159

AGS super twin dog blaster

extremely powerfull 2x 1400 w motors ,variable wind speed and 2 built in heat settings ,comes with 2 different blaster heads and extra strong hose that expands to 3 meters long. as with all AGS grooming equipment this fantastic blaster is great quality and built to last. unlike many of our competitors the body of the blaster is made from steel not the cheap plastic ones that tend to melt !!. ideal for salon and mobile use , as this is the only blaster dryer you will need. we have sold over 200 of these so far with NO returns, (please check our feedback). buy with confidence . any questions please ask and we can also do combined deal with one of our electric grooming tables .CHECK OUT OUR FEEDBACK THESE BLASTERS ARE FANTASTIC VALUE 

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